“If you walk without rhythm, you won’t attract a worm”.  Great quote from Frank Herberts “Dune”  This was what Paul Atreides shouts to his mother as they are about to cross open desert to get to the protection of a rock outcropping.  I’ve read DUNE many times and it never gets old. Might be my favorite book. It is good on so many levels and themes that I understand why it has been voted the best science fiction novel of all time.  Got my own son Paul to watch the David Lynch movie recently.  Didn’t remember what an incredibly poorly made film it was and the Lynch weirdness that I never visualized reading the book.  Oh well.  I hope he takes the time to read the book.


I think many of us go through life ‘walking without rhythm’, not attracting attention or doing noteworthy things. We don’t make headlines and generally seem to live on the periphery of life. mundane. maybe boring. But things do happen in our lives; we do have stories to tell. Here, then, are some of mine.