What I Saw

Dec 28, 2017

So, I better document this before memories fade or change, as memories tend to do. It’s been about a month of searching the skies and checking online. Nothing.

On November 20th or 21st, the Monday or Tuesday before Thanksgiving, I saw something in the sky – not high up but about 150 or 200 feet up. Driving to work which makes it about 1:30 -1:45 in the afternoon. Eastbound on Sunrise Highway approx. 1 mile before the Oakdale merge. As I came out from under an overpass about a mile or mile and a half ahead I saw a large something which appeared to be about a quarter mile north of the road; moving south at about 20 mph. I actually said out loud ‘what the hell is that?’ It crossed over the road when I was about ¼ to ½ mile west of it. I am in the center lane, there is nowhere to pull over at this point, I am going with the flow of traffic, my phone is in my pocket and a struggle to retrieve while driving. Oh how I wish I had taken a picture. Glancing at a few other drivers, no one seemed to notice or care or I don’t know what. This entire episode is going to last about a minute. I am looking at this from an angle of 11 oclock, 12 oclock as it passes over the road directly ahead, and as my viewing angle is changing I realize there are two units, one being behind and to the east, as it passes southward it is low enough so the trees block the view but as I pass the lake at the Oakdale merge the view due south is clear and I can see both units unobstructed about a quarter mile south. I can describe it after watching it from these various angles so the description is accurate.
The best way to describe this thing is drone like, the look of a drone with four propeller things in each corner. End to end about 60 feet across and side to side a little less. The center ‘pod’ about 20 feet in length, 8-10 feet wide, maybe 10-12 feet high. It would fit about 6 people easily. The front is angled at about 70 degrees, possible window shapes but the coloring is exactly the same which is black or extremely dark green. Along the front are two flat ‘plates?’, parallel to that angle but did not appear to be connected. No sharp corners on pod, all very rounded. Each of the four units at the corners are connected to the center pod by a long structure about maybe 20 feet long. Each unit is flat on top and bottom, cylindrical and bulging in the center; best analogous shape would be a pineapple. Approximately 10 feet in height, 5-6 feet wide. Each has 2 ‘plates’ above, also do not appear to be connected. They (the plates) appear the same as the front of the center pod. Probably 6-8 inches thick, 6-8 inches between them, and about the same distance above each unit and in front of the center pod, maybe 6-8 inches. These would be where propellers would be on a drone and because ‘drone’ is my only frame of reference I think my mind was interpreting the event as this. It has become evident that this was not the case. Propellers or blades would extend wider than the units, would reflect light or show movement or something. There were no rotors at all. There were no markings of any kind or lights. As my viewing angle was changing it became clear that there were two units identical to each other. Looking due south at them this was obvious.
What strikes me now in hindsight is the incredibly smooth and steady rate of speed these crafts moved at and that there was no sound. They moved unlike anything I’m familiar with. The day was sunny, sky blue, no overcast or fog or whatever. This was not a thing that you mistake for something else like a small thing way up in the sky that might be a plane or a balloon or a light moving too fast or erratic to be a plane. This was a clearly seen thing, about 50 feet above treetops, close enough to make out shapes and details and not like anything I have ever seen or subsequently been able to find online. In the end, this thing, this flying craft, is just way out of place. Like a special effect in a movie.

So another month has gone by. Clearly nothing in the news about this. The researching online inevitably brought me to UFO sites with fuzzy shaky videos from far away, lights in formation at night, that kind of thing. Not what I am looking for and certainly not what I saw. Next was experimental drone crafts. There are a few photos of things like that from a few years ago; again, not what I saw. The other thing is if you were to build an experimental craft of some sort it appears likely you only build one and certainly don’t fly it in broad daylight over residential areas. No, what I saw is likely not this. Other possibilities seem to involve ‘it only appeared for me to see’ or ‘something from the future’ or ‘the most clear as a bell hallucination while very sober and awake with no history of such’. None of these possibilities seem likely.

I am left with the facts, I saw something that from all I can find shouldn’t exist. I saw it plainly, clearly and fairly close up. I am sure that it must have some significance but I don’t know what it is.